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Container Grid with images publishes incorrect

I’ve taken a container, switched it to a grid, put div blocks inside covering how many portions of the grid I want each one to be and then put a image background into each div block.
It looks perfect on the design screen, but when I publish it, it’s the size of one grid row instead of six. I’ve tried everything and am obviously missing something very silly - help!
thank you

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Hi and welcome :slight_smile:

Why not using images instead of background images.

Hope you get the idea from the attach video

Thank you - for taking the time and making your video for me. I had them all as images and was still struggling with the responsiveness of the whole thing. For whatever reason, your video led me to the deeper issue, so I thank you very much.

You led me to discover that all my rows on the grid were set to auto. As soon as I gave them a value, this seemed to solve the issue.

Thank you again for your efforts. I appreciate it - I was going crazy :O)