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Have an odd problem and I’m not sure if I am doing something wrong.
I created a container with a max width of 1140px.
In that container, I created a 12 column grid with the intention of making areas, however, when I attempt to increase the gap between columns to 30px, the grid extends beyond the container and is cut off. It appears that the columns have a minimum width?

Even if I create the grid without placing it in a container first, create the areas with the intended result, as soon as I place it back into the container it still cuts off the grid. Here is a screenshot:

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Hey hey,

can you share your webflow preview and published site? Would help immensely with troubleshooting!

See this topic Minimum grid column width in editor complicates working with 12 grid layouts


Thanks Jeff, I guess the work around is to create multiple CSS Grids and stack them on top of one another instead of using 1 with areas.

Hi @Bartek_K this issue is only imperfection with visual feedback in WF preview mode (not only one) that cause some confusions. Here is short video with a few examples to clear some of your questions.


Stan, thank you so much. That was extremely helpful. It solved all my problems, thanks again.

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hi @Bartek_K if you don’t have further questions related to this topic feel free to close your request as solved.

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