Grid class / element

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I’m new so forgive me if this is a stupid question.

No link as this is something I’m just trying to understand.

If I want to design say 3 grids to reuse across a portfolio website (for example 3 images in a row, an image and text side-by-side, and image-text-image in a row), to make the images the same size, responsive and just easier to work with I’d add divs to the grid cells and set the images as background images.

My question is this - what do I use so that I can add a new image to a cell without it resetting all images? Do I add a combo class for each and every one? Or do I rename each child of each grid?

It’s always easy when following along with the webflow uni tutorials but I get confused when trying to set something up to reuse across a website.


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As bg image are linked to class, you should use combo class to change bg image an div element , yes. But if you don’t really need to put somme text or button on top of image, the best way to do it is to put image bloc.

And remenber that there is no scrset ( mean that the size of the image served to the client is based on the real size on the screen of the client) on bg image, this mean that if you put big and heavy images they coould be long to load on mobile for exemple.