Div block and paragraphs in responsive grid layout

Hey, new to webflow.
I am going crazy about a simple grid layout. I want to have a grid consisting of 5 columns and 3 rows. I want to have images within these grids that should all be the same size/ratio of 1:1 and a text on top of each image. Since the images are of people I simply want the images to always show the same ratio (full image). I would like to have 2 of the divs in this grid to be just color with text over. These should also just scale down accordingly on different devices. Right now I have tried using div blocks with the images as a background and many other options but NONE is working correctly. Please help me out here I am missing something, pretty simple I would guess… I have watched all the tutorials I can find on this but nothing works.

Attached is how it looks on mobile devices. again 1:1 ratio and filled grid is what I want.

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