Grid change responsiveness

Hi there,
I have a grid on the desktop version of my page that has a picture to the left side and the word block to the right side- therefore, the image technically comes first in the grid. On the mobile version (or mobile breakpoint), I want the image to come after the woodblock, not before, in the vertical layout format. So I want to change the grid item order on the mobile without affecting the desktop version. Is there a way to do this? It is for the Grid section with the computer image and the words “Built for instant accessibility”. Would greatly appreciate the help! Below is my read link:

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Chuqlab Project

Hi Mark @MarkFisk52, you can do this by selecting the grid child, in this case Mockup, and selecting Order > Last in the settings. Alternatively, set Position > Manual > Row start/end to 2/2.

Thank you so much for this insight!

@MarkFisk52, you’re welcome. You can read all about Grid in Webflow below: