Grid layout - change order of layout on mobile

Hi guys, I’m trying change the order of text / images when viewed on mobile for the ‘How it all works 2’ section on this site:

Read-Only link: Home (Main Page) Copy 2

On desktop it’s good, but on mobile i’d like the ‘How it all works 2’ section to displayed with the image first, like in ‘How it all works 1 & 3’

These are the options I can see when trying to edit and I can’t see the ‘grid child’ anywhere! Which I thought might let me change the order.

Thank you!

You can only access the ‘Grid Child’ settings when you have a child element of the parent grid selected. Your screenshot shows you editing the parent grid. All you need to do is click on the image element on your mobile breakpoint and select First in the section that says Order.