How do I put 2 buttons into a grid layout?

I have the area with the two text blocks and where the buttons need to go as a grid child currently, but I can only put one button in that fills the entire length of the grid cell on the opposite side to where I want it to go. (see screenshots & read-only link below for clarity)

How do I:

  1. move the button to the right side, below the text box
  2. add another button alongside it
  3. make both buttons smaller?

I would like this:

but this is what happens instead:

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HI @artsymarcy the issue you’re havng is happening due to the grid having align stretch, what you can do is set it to align left, or you can simply wrap the button in div, set it to flex, align left, addthe second button, since the div holding the buttons has display of flex, you can also add gap between the buttons.

here’s how i’d do it:

structure in html

styling of the button-wrapper