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Greetings from the Philippines

Hey everyone!

I’m Greg from the Philippines and have just started using Webflow for the company I work for. I’m part of our company’s happiness team and my responsibilities include creating content such as Landing Pages. I’ve done this previously on Leadpages (another page-builder) but we had some SEO issues with it so decided to look for a better page-builder which is how we found Webflow.

Webflow seems amazing so far from my experience with it and it looks like we’re going to hire it very soon. I just have a few questions / concerns regarding it and was hoping to find some answers through the community.

To give you an idea, our long-term content strategy is to create landing pages that answer highly specific keywords to increase our rank. The CMS functionality of Webflow seems like a great tool to use to achieve this and is I think one of Webflow’s biggest selling points. Given this, what would be the best plan for us? We’re a tech startup and get 1.5k daily sessions on our website.

However, we already have an existing website and would only like to create specific pages using Webflow (e.g. Will it be possible to publish specific pages only on our website?

Our previous workflow with Leadpages was to create the page using the software, download the html, and publish it on our domain through our web dev. I understand it’s possible to export the html code but it says on Webflow’s website you can only export static pages and not dynamic pages. Does this mean if we use Webflow’s CMS we won’t be able to export the html?

Apologies if the post is too long.

Best wishes!


Welcome in Greg!

Wise choice. Webflow seems to become the de-facto visual editor for landing pages. More and more, the top products listed on Producthunt either are products based on Webflow or have a landing page made with Webflow. e.g. Oh and you’re not going to reach SEO limitations with Webflow (only limitation that comes to mind is dynamic URL fine control but that’s not a real life SEO issue).

You can easily craft a one CMS site than can dynamically produce many landing pages (where a landing page = a CMS item). And you’re not going to be so limited thatall landings have to look the same and have the same content. It’s completely possible to define a structure and template that has many features, and display features as they are used, using conditional visibility, and also display features differently depending on characteristics such as categories or other vocabulary.

It’s oalso possible to rely on a Webflow Team Plan, where many designers can work on the same account and create new sites on the fly, using templates that you’ll have defined yourselves: convert a site into a template and anyone from th team can create on new site based on it.

Anything should be possible with appropriate domain management. Maybe more realistic to try to make room for a Webflow CMS site under a subdomain such as

Yes, it means that. But find the appropriate structure and you’ll never regret your past workflow, because it’ll mean you’re one click away from having a page published, or updated.

Never hesistate :slight_smile:

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Welcome fellow Pinoy! :smiley: Glad you found your way here.

Also, never hesitate to ask a question. Even if its a long question.


Thanks for the reply, Vincent!

This helps very much. I have a few extra questions though, if you don’t mind. :slight_smile:

If we only have one designer, would a Team Plan still be the best plan? It’ll just be me (editor), a designer, and a web developer. I’m not even sure if a web developer will be completely necessary given how Webflow works. We just need him to test out and see if it’s possible to publish the project as we previously have with Leadpages. Which leads to my next question.

Is there a possibility to get a trial for a few days to see if Webflow does the job? Because our web developer would need to test it out to see if it works as intended. If this is possible, who do I reach out to?

Thank you! Mabuhay :slight_smile:

No :slight_smile: Stick with one Designer plan. Actually, if you don’t need more than 2 sites unpublished, in staging, you only need to pay for the hosting of the sites you’ll want to host. That’s a particularity of Webflow. By paying for hosting, you lift all limitations on a site, wether or not you have a designer plan. A designer plan offers more comfort to have an infinity of unpublished sites (that are still freely published on domain). Convenient to work on many templates etc.

If I’m not wrong you can do this right away as long as you keep the site under the cms limits of a free plan. So… go design!

Does this mean I’ll need two plans? One Account plan and one Site plan?

Because if I understood correctly, the Site plan allows me to connect Webflow to our custom domain for easy publishing. As for the Account plan, it allows me to export the html code which we can use to publish the page on our domain? I’m just trying to get an idea of the best plan to get.

To give you a better idea of what we’re planning to do, we’ll be migrating our landing pages to Webflow (around 10 or so). If I understood correctly, each landing page will be considered a project. Will this affect the plan we purchase?

Thank you once again!

You need one site plan for each site hosted with a custom domain.

You need a Designer plan if you want to have many unpublished sites, also export code and transfer sites.

So usually, designers who design with Webflow have one designer plan (pro preferably) and one site plan per site hosted.

If each landing has its own domain, yes, it’s 10 sites, 10 sites plans to pay for. But they also could be on one only site and share the domain (like Depends on your strategy.

I see. Thanks for that.

So it’s possible to have a custom domain ( and have 10 projects (landing pages) under ( and pay for only 1 Site plan? That would be because all the projects will be housed under one domain?

And accompanying this would be an Account plan to make the 10 projects?

Ye,s that’s the difference between 10 sites with one page and 1 site with 10 pages. Only difference is the URL.

If you pay for the hosting of the site with a site plan, and don’t need export, transfer or having many unpublished sites, you don’t even need an Account plan.

Thank you! Highly appreciate the help. :slight_smile:


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