Greetings from Lille, France

Hi I’m Justine !

I’m a UI Designer from Lille, France. I currently work at Capgemini’s Creative Studio and finish my master’s degree at ECV Digital in webdesign.

I started to use webflow recently to create my portfolio and feel amazed by all the possibilities !

Can’t wait to exchange with others :slight_smile:


Hi Justine!

Bienvenue sur ce forum, j’espère que ta découverte de Webflow se passe bien.

ECV Digital look amazing! I was lucky enough to work with ECV in Bordeaux to provide workshops on photo and films. My students were very talented and I still interact with some of them to this day.

This is absolutely the right place to seek advices and look for knowledge about Webflow. You’ll quickly realize that you’re not going to solely learn about wf, but you’re going to learn web concepts such as CSS, box model, HTML flow, data design and many others.

Et puisque tu est française, rejoins-nous sur :slight_smile:

Salutations de La Rochelle.

Welcome to the community! :smiley: Let us know if you have any questions.