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Hello from Lyon, France

Hello everyone! My name is Aurelien, I’m a french illustrator and graphic designer from the inspiring city of Lyon (world capital of gastronomy and birthplace of cinema :D)

A few months ago, I turned to freelancing (after 3 years spent in a AR tech startup I’ve co-founding in Geneva, Switzerland). I am now building my own business and working on several web projects (including my portfolio).

I’ve already watched a lot of videos and read some threads here, before joining this awesome community.

My basic knowledge of web development is very limited so I went into visual tools.
I’ve tested other products such as Adobe Muse before, but I wasn’t fully satisfied (and it has been shut down anyway). I have discovered Webflow with your video “To our friends and colleagues using Adobe Muse”.
And now, I am fully satisfied with Webflow. Thank you for providing such a brilliant tool.

I still have a LOT of things to learn, and I am sure I’ll find a wonderful help here :slight_smile:

Hey another one from the terres of Robuchon :wink:
Welcome in, it’s a journey.

Webflow won’t just allow you to turn to reality your web design needs, it will guide you along and teach you the web concepts you need to understand to become a real front end designer, not just a visual-tool user. I’m talking about CSS styling, box-model, DOM, SEO… Because Webflow is a UI to those technologies and not just a magical interface for building web pages. Everything you’ll learn here will be useful for life, with or without Webflow.

A nouveau bienvenue, Aurélien,

Don’t forget to join La Lettre!

Merci Vincent pour cet accueil ! :smiley:

Yes, something I’ve learned from the developers I worked with was the importance of the code cleanliness (which is rather obvious) and Muse was not perfect… I know Webflow produces a clean code that developers can read and enjoy (if the website is built correctly). It was a compelling argument.

I certainly wish to improve my skills and general knowledge of web creation!

P.S. : je me suis abonné à La Lettre :wink: (et j’ai déjà pas mal exploré inb4).

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