French beginner, hello

Hello everyone,

I’m a french print graphic designer and it’s a very new thing for me to understand how to build a website for my portfolio.

I’m sure that this community will help me a lot.

Have a nice day,


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Welcome to the forum @mgxmfrt! I’m sure you’ll get lots of answers reading the forums. Have you seen any of the university videos yet? They are very helpful and a great place to start, especially the videos where you are shown how to build a website from start to finish. Following those and recreating the steps shown was very helpful for me learning webflow.


Salut @mgxmfrt,

Bienvenue à toi. Do not hesitate to ask anything, the community is very helpful.
I’m also down to help you via private message as I am French.

Have a good day,



Thanks a lot ! I’ve already seen few videos and it really helped me. Very helpful for me too :slight_smile:

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