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• Gradient issue: changing hex color adds new gradient stop

Hi Staff, I came to post the same bug, but found this thread. Here is an image of why this issue might be happening. It seems like a scaling issue of the designer, take a look at how huge my cursor is compared to what Anna screen capped.

resolution is set to 1366 x 768 widescreen in windows 10.

Sorry for this crappy picture, if anyone knows how to screen shot in W10 and make it include the mouse cursor, let me know so I can post images without looking like an idiot lol.

You can see that the cursor when directly centered with the node, still hangs off either edge which might explain it activating a new node on click instead of opening the gradient editor.

Same issue here I believe

HI @NewInBoston

Thanks so much for posting this! I’ll be sure to pass this along to our team :slight_smile:

I’ll post back here when I have a bit more info for you.

I’m having exactly the same problem. I can’t change the color of the gradient tool for the life of me. It always wants to create a new marker. So, I’m completely unable to change just the one side to transparent, for instance. I’m using Google Chrome Version 62.0.3202.94

Yes! This exists. The work around is taking the new gradient, changing it to what you want and then deleting the existing one. However, this is supppppper frustrating.

Hi @Revolution @jdesign @Cricitem @LauraH @dietbacon @Bill_Snebold @NewInBoston @Cory_Welch @Michael_Hood.

We pushed a fix for this one!! :tada: :balloon:

Thanks again for your patience while we worked on this. You should now be able to edit gradient colors without creating a new gradient stop.

Can you please test this on your end and confirm the issue is resolved?

​Thanks in advance!


Selecting the same color at both ends still automatically changes the background type selection to solid color.

To clarify, this is while STILL ATTEMPTING TO EDIT THE GRADIENT. I want to be able to select white at both ends, then adjust one of them to slightly off-white. Can’t… because the moment both colors are white it immediately hijacks the tool and makes it a solid color.

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This is a separate issue from the one in this thread. We are still investigating the issue where a gradient converts to a solid color with two stops of matching color.

In this case the best workaround is to first change the default white color to a slightly different opacity, even 99%. Then you can edit the color of the second swatch to be white (defaulted at 100% opacity).

Then you can tweak each gradient stop color as you need. We will be sure to post an update to the appropriate thread as soon as we have a fix for this issue: • Background gradient turns into solid color

I was not aware there was a separate thread. I’ll watch that one.

I did check out this particular fix and the stops are now operating as should be expected.

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That’s great to hear! Thanks for testing this on your end @Cricitem :smiley:

@Brando Looks like the issue is resolved. However if I add a third gradient it seems it isn’t deletable.

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That’s really odd! I’ll try to reproduce this behavior on this end. Thanks for letting me know!

EDIT: I wasn’t able to reproduce this on this end. You should be able to click and drag the gradient stop down out of the modal to delete the third stop.

If you are still encountering this on your end, can you please make a new thread in Bugs category with the info/steps?

​Thanks in advance!!

It is working! I just have to drag it much further down than what it shows in the video. Maybe it’s something todo with a mouse/trackpad setting. I’ll check it on my end.



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