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Google Search - Problem / Issue Help

So one of my clients website is published and hosted on webflow.

The problem we are facing at this point in time is that whenever we search “nestorslab” on google search the first link to the website shows the homepage title with " - Coming Soon "

I’m not sure what this problem is, and where is this happening.

Can someone please help!

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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This could simply be that google hasn’t indexed your website since launch and that is why the old meta tag is still showing up.

I would suggest that you do the following and wait a couple of days:

  • set a canonical tag in the project settings
  • Review the url in google search console
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Definitely double check your Seo settings on your pages. Add SEO title and meta description | Webflow University

But as mentioned it may be that Google just hasn’t indexed your site yet. It can take anywhere from days to months for Google to index things, you can try to request a reindeer, but no guarantee that will do anything.

Generally patience is the key… :confused:

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I agree with @Webflow-user. Being a new site, Google is going to index your site soon
but it hasn’t done it yet. I will suggest using webmaster as it will help you in submitting
a sitemap and your website will index frequently.

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thank you guys for the help! much appreciated.