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Google for Jobs - webflow


I wanna use webflow as our CMS for our new career website. Since google for jobs is comming I need to structure the website so google can read all our job openings.


Can I use webflow to structure the CMS and fulfill google requirements?

Thanks in advance!

I’m actually working on something related to this topic, the sad part is that I have nothing to show at this point, once I come up with something I’ll update this topic.

On the other hand, I think it can be done. Webflow is a very versatile platform that sometimes you need to find the right way to do something, but if you ask me I would say yes it can be done.

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Already created a webhook to my ATS, all I need to do if figure this one out and I can start buiding in webflow (which I prefer) If I figure i will update aswell

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Did you guys managed it in the end ?