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The Oswald font doesn't display properly

Hello there!

I have a little issue with the Oswald font. I checked in order to know if there wasn’t an issue with blocks or margins, or whatever, but it seems fine, and it works perfectly with other fonts. The same thing happens wherever I want to write in Oswald.
Am I doing it wrong or is there an issue with it ? I’d love to have more than a half of my text =) !



Hi there, can you share your public project link? Then we can take a look at it.

Sharing your public project link


Hello ! Sorry for the time it took me to answer, as I found a way around my problem!
Here is the project !
Actually, I found the issue : It’s due to the browser I’m using. I use Torch most of the time, which is developed on a Google Chrome basis. I tried to watch my exported site with Firefox, and it works perfectly.

So I’m good using 2 browsers at the same time, but you might wanna know what’s wrong with Torch ! =)

Thanks anyway!


Ok, thanks for letting us know !

Hi! I’ve just checked back to a project I was working on last week and I experienced the same problem with Oswald font, but oddly there is one appearance which is ok. Here’s the site:
I approve the problem exists only under chrome but unfortunately firefox is not supported for editing so I have to stick with chrome.

Could you suggest anything to solve this problem (other than changing the font)?