Google Drive as CDN for Audio and Video Not Reliable


I am currently hosting audio and video files on Google Drive and using direct download links as part of CMS collections to function as a CDN. I’m currently having issues with the reliability of this content being served and I’m wondering if anyone can help offer a solution or an alternative way to serve these files?

As an example - I have the following HTML audio elements in my CMS pages

<audio src="path-to-google-drive" title="from-cms" data-artist="from-cms" controls>
    Your browser does not support the <code>audio</code> element.

Where the path to Google Drive looks like this:

Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

The fix is to use a web server or CDN that is optimized to serve web assets. There are countless choices and your specific requirements will narrow down your options. I often use AWS S3 with Cloudfront, Bunny CDN. Cloudinary, web servers on Vultr, Hetzner, Digital Ocean to name a few. Google drive is a sharing platform and object store not a web asset delivery service.

Thanks for the help Jeff. I’m a noob at all of this and I’m having a hard time knowing what exactly I should be Googling.

Can you make a recommendation that would keep costs as low as possible? My goal is to reliably show audio and video content.

Bunny works great and has very reasonable pricing. Bunny CDN | Hop on the Fastest Content Delivery Network!