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Google CSE - cannot get to size correctly

Trying to get Google CSE to fit inside a div within my top navigation and I can’t seem to get it to look as intended - I’d like it to look like this:
But it looks like this:

Read only:

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It has something to do with this

table.gsc-search-box tbody tr td *

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I took out all the mobile elements that were set to display:none until their respective breakpoints - and it work! Now I need to figure out how to add back in those mobile elements without messing it up again. I think wrapping it in a media query would work but im not sure how to do that. Any idea?

Where did you find that piece of code anyway?

Here is the official documentation

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.gsc-search-box {
   height: 200px!important;


table.gsc-search-box tbody tr td * {
   height: 70%!important;
   font-size: 40px!important;
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