Challenges with nav bar / Google CSE on mobile

Hey there!

I’ve integrated Google’s CSE search tool into the site I am working on, but am getting some weird behaviour when I switch between Web and Mobile.

On web, you can see that when you hover on the “Search” nav item, a div drops down with a search field. This is behaving more or less how I would like it to.

When you go to mobile, however, I’ve had to use a different approach and embedded the CSE search box into the mobile drop down nav. It works if you are searching something for the first time, taking you to the results page.

Once you’ve landed on the results page and tap the menu hamburger to search for something else, however, the search box is gone, and it just says ‘Search’, left-aligned.

I imagine this is some issue with the embed code from Google, maybe it’s not supposed to have that search bar code on the same page as the results?

Any thoughts/guidance is much appreciated!

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