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Does anyone have a workarroud for browsers and the designer (needed due to persistent targetd hacker attacks

Hello All

Some rather persistent issues with Googles browser product.

So, I am not so keen on installing chrome again right now.
Would deeply appreciate any advice related to the best browsers other than Safari and Chrome for Webflow designer.
Or maybe workarounds?

Replies will be deeply appreciated

Thanks in advance


Can you please elaborate? Why exactly can’t you use a new clean instance of chrome on your old pc?

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Dear dram
Without going into too much detail, if we install a “new instance of Google’s Chrome Browser” on this device, it results in loosing WIFI, a stressful user experience
for our internet-focused family.


If you can’t trust a fresh download of Chrome, then I wouldn’t trust the state of the rest of the OS. It sounds like you might need to refresh the whole machine.

There is preliminary support for Firefox. You just have to dismiss the warning message on load.

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The OS in laying on its side due to my currently unsatisfied status with Apple

Thank you for the interaction and helpful info everyone.

Ayeayeaye, I’m not sure what to offer beyond sympathetic hugs.

Have you tried Safari or Firefox though?

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Firefox you say? No, I tried to install another browser tonight mentioned here but something went wrong and the install failed. I will try Firefox


I am at a loss of words for this issue. Sounds like its not Mac issues but rather internet issues.

Where are you downloading these files from?

Thank you Forresto I appreciate the Firefox knowledge and also appreciate your taking the time to share and offer help

We always install Chrome directly from Googles landing page for Chrome Usually in a private browser, after clearing caches etc. Computers, API keys, network setting etc, a computer online is complex machine, I am sure it will all resolve itself somehow.

You really need to fix your computer environment before using Webflow since it uses the latest technologies. I don’t think you’ll be happy with it or any other quality product without improving your computer environment. Chrome is the the most used browser. If you can’t use it then you are probably wasting your time trying to develop a website. Just my opinion. It would be a great idea to totally start fresh, TOTALLY. If someone is trying to hack you, then you also want to bring someone in that knows about security. You’ve got a lot of work to do before even considering Webflow. Don’t believe the false claims that you don’t need an antivirus just because you have an apple. And unless you know how to lock your passwords down, you are just going to have these same problems again. Be sure to change all of your passwords. Good luck.

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@Dave_Rivers, have you been able to resolve your issues yet?