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Google analytics event tracking

Hello, I have made a website and I am hosting with Webflow. I would now like to integrate google analytics and track the number of times a visitor clicks on specific buttons on my web page.

I will create a “goal” and use the “event tracking” feature on google analytics. I am not sure how I can integrate this into webflow.

Is this possible? If not how can I track this metric?

Thank you!

Hi @Dushaan, Google event tracking is not built into Webflow as an integration yet, but here is an article that may help point you in the right direction: Google Analytics event tracking for buttons in Webflow

I hope this helps

Hi @cyberdave

Is this so? I have Analytics set up in the integrations section of Webflow and Google Tag Manager in the custom code. I have been trying to use GTM to set up event tracking without success. Is the reason why it doesn’t work because of the Webflow setup?

Many Thanks,


Hi @Sam_D, well the GTM code has to be added manually, it is not built in to Webflow, so depending on how it is implemented in custom code, it may or may not work.

If you could create a new post about the issues you are having with that, along with the site link and kind of issue you are facing, we can take a look.

Thanks in advance

Thanks I will. Is general the best place?

I also need to trigger an event when a successful newsletter signup happens. I don’t want to redirect users to a thank you page so I need to use the event trigger. What I’m wondering is how to integrate this with the Webflow form elements?

For example, they allow you to set a redirect option, but how would you integrate an event instead?

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