Google Analytics with specific link tracking


Could anybody point me in the right direction for a tutorial for integrating Google Analytics with Webflow? I have found the page where it talks about adding Analytics, but I am specifically looking to track page links etc. i.e. how many times a specific PDF link has bee clicked/downloaded? How I do this within webflow? Would it be event tracking? If so a tutorial for this?


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Hi @WFHelp_FF, it sounds like you are looking for event tracking links. Take a peek at the accepted solution here: Google Analytics event tracking for buttons in Webflow

Note: This is a custom code solution, event tracking is not yet built natively in Webflow yet.

Some other helpful links:

How to put code in Header or Footer:

How to use an embed widget (for putting code snippets on the page itself):

I hope this helps!

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Hi Dave,

I am still having an issue with the link tracking. Can you tell me if this does work as I have tried every solution out there and nothing seems to be working?

Many thanks