How to track Webflow Form with Facebook (Pixel) and Google Analytics


I have approx. 40 pages with two forms included on each page and I would like to track the conversion of the traffic via Google and Facebook.

As there is no “new success page” after the form has been sent, I somehow have to track the “onClick” Event of the button or which is the best solution?

Has anybody already implemented those tracking tools and could help me or post exemplary code?

I already had a look at similar postings in the forum, but I could not find an answer how to track form clicks :wink:

Thanks a lot and all the best,

I like to know that, too. I’m currently trying to setup google tag manager for this…

This here worked for a while:

It would be really helpful to get a tutorial for setting up porper analytics with tag manager or some other solutions in here :slight_smile:


I tried the following code …

  $(document).ready(function() {
    $(document).on('click', '[data-gatrack]', function(e) {
      var $link = $(this);
      var trackData = $'gatrack');
      if (!trackData) { return; }
      var trackParams = ['send', 'event'].concat(trackData.split(','));

… but it did not work.

Any ideas how to set up tracking “onClick”?

I found a solution that works for me now:

1 setup google tag manager (GTM)
2 put snippet into custom code on webflow
3 check if all works with the “Tag Assistant” extension (optional)
4 go in GTM and set a “generic trigger” on your page
5 switch to preview and click on whatever you what GTM to “listen to”
6 check out what you can “listen to” in the data layer
7 refine your trigger with this information and rename it properly
8 build your event tag in GTM
9 See if all works in real-time mode in google analytics

There’s a neat tutorial from a guy with a German accent if you’re having trouble with 4 to 9 here:

Hope this helps you, too! Cheers

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