Need to track the form submissions

I need to track the form submissions for reaching the marketing goals (NOT Google Analytics).
Basically I try to embed this kinda code:


But it doesn’t work through the Code Embed. And can’t see the way to use in the form settings.

Another way to track the forms for me is to use the hidden url which I can track. But seems like Webflow doesn’t have the hidden urls? Does it?

Another problem is Webflow forms are triggered even if the user clicked the submit button by accident. I need it to be tracked only by submitting the whole form.

I hope you guys can help me out.

Generally I’d use GA4 and GTM, that’s the easiest way to go.
GTM gives you the ability to track form submissions, I can’t say whether that’s limited to successfully-submitted forms, or all submit clicks, haven’t checked lately.

Generally I code my tracking directly in JS and trigger GTM’s datalayer so that I have absolute control of what’s sent, when and under what conditions ( e.g. breakpoint-specific tracking events ).

Another approach is to redirect them to a thank you page and just track hits there.

Another approach is to submit your form to a webhook automation like, and fire your GTM event from there.

Choose whatever works for you.