Global Privacy Control (GPC) implementation

Lawyers say that I have to add Global Privacy Control (GPC) Signal plugin to my site, because we collect emails. (The CCPA applies to the “personal information” of individuals that reside in the state of California. If a submitted email has ‘’, it’s considered “personal information”)

Is there a way to add this without using ‘Reverse Proxy’?

Finsweet’s cookie-consent, doesn’t implement this.

Here’s the instructions to do it:

First create a folder named .well-known at the base of your site, so it would have a path of In that folder create a file with the name of gpc.json. The file’s value should then look something like this with lastUpdate set to the date you have last updated the file.

“gpc”: true,
“lastUpdate”: “2022-04-20”

This will give you a valid GPC file, and be fully compliant.

Global Privacy Control (GPC) is a proposed specification designed to allow internet users to notify businesses of their privacy preferences, such as whether or not they want their personal information to be sold or shared. It consists of a setting or extension in the user’s browser or mobile device and acts as a mechanism that websites can use to indicate they support the specifications.

No, but another option is to export your site. They you can do what you want, but with CMS, Logic, Members, and form limitations. A reverse proxy has its own limitations.