GDPR in webflow

Hey Webflow community,

Foreword. I am not a lawyer, this is not legal advice and I am in no way responsible or liable for any damages to you or your client resulting from anything said or linked to in this post. Don’t sue me.

I found it hard working out how to make my site GDPR compliant so I thought writing about my experience might help others in getting their privacy policies up to scratch!

My understanding of GDPR is any personal information that you collect from any outside body (person, business etc) is now under legal protection. The amount of protection changes depending where you are in the world and the laws governing at that time. So it is a good idea to check what the GDPR laws are in your area or where your client will be based.

This is the official governing body in the UK, well worth reading everything they have to say as it will help you decide on what level of compliance you need to achieve.

There are several different options that you can choose from. Starting at the quickest and cheapest is using a site such as termsfeed. As Flux outlines you can give them a few details about the purpose etc and then they will create a policy for you.

The second is writing your own policy. There are some risks such as you might not cover your self completely if you are not versed in this area of law. So be careful if you decided to go this route. The pros are that you can customise it for your site, it’s free and you can understand the process better from all the research!
A good idea is to look at websites similar to the one you are making (blog=other blogs, ecommerce = other ecommerce etc). Don’t copy their policies exactly as they might have a personlised policy and if you don’t know what your doing then you might end up breaking the data protection laws.

The last is to hire a professional. This will give you a personlised and hopefully most secure privacy policy/terms of use but it will cost you $$$. I got quoted around £900 for both a privacy policy and terms of use. If like me you are a start up or have no funds then this can be a major upfront cost.

Lastly I have to give a big shout out to finsweet as they really helped me out to complete my privacy policy. Their cookie plugin made this process 110% easier for someone like me who can’t code and found all of this very overwhelming. You will still need some understanding of the topic so do your own research but Finsweet have provided a fantastic resource. (they didn’t pay me to say that)

I hope you find some of that useful. If you want to see my policies check out my website:

That’s all from me. Good luck :slight_smile: