CCPA compliance?

Curious about CCPA or GDPR resources. Specifically, curious if anyone has found free solutions for standard conform to these guidelines? Ideally, feels like the kind of thing that would be really awesome if webflow had an embedded feature allowing you to simply check a box to include it on your site. Or is that naive/unrealistic?

Saw a few old threads on CCPA, but none with answers so figured I’d try to start a new conversation since CCPA went live in July.

Welcoming any thoughts, best practices, or suggestions on 3rd party resources (free) that can embed into webflow.


Hi all, just circling back on this to surface in the forum threads. Anyone who has found great plugins to help with this, or something we should add to the wishlist?

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sweet, thanks @vincent !

If you meet the requirements to implement CCPA, this third party code won’t help you meet CCPA requirements.