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Glitches in mobile responsive, at the end of a CMS image collection

I have this lovely gallery from a CMS collection that works like charm in Desktop (and used to do so in mobile devices as well), but now is glitching once I get to the end of the page.

Any ideas on why is this happening? :thinking:

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Good behaviour vs. Bad behaviour:

Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK]

Hi @aran_hrzn, thanks for the post? I took a look but not sure exactly what it is you want to change:

From what Ii can tell the site design is rendering as styled, are you asking why the images are cropped?

Thanks in advance

If I check the site in the designer (mobile width), the design and animations are rendering as styled, but if I check the site in a mobile device, I get this annoying glitch when I get to the bottom of the page and Iā€™m not sure why:

I checked with Android and iPhone devices, and the result is the same.