Glitch? when I change the size of something to Mobile It Changes Desktop?

I am changing an image size on the mobile layout - but when I do it also resizes it on the desktop. I even added a class just to mobile specific items so it wouldn’t resize on desktop.

Any advice?

@sabanna ?

I can assume, you probably changing its size in image settings, not in style settings.

I’m confused. Where or how would I accomplish this in the style settings? I can’t believe this is confusing me but it is lol I’m sorry.

Which one did you use for change the image size?

When I put the style for mobile on mobile image it applied that style to the desktop as well though - do you know why this happened?

No, I don’t know. When same happend to me, I found out that I used image settings and it is really change size on all devices.

P.S. May I look on that project?

i really appreciate you helping me… I’m just trying to understand what is going on

Yes, it’s on my previous interactions post. Sorry I am on mobile and it won’t let me copy and paste.

So you have never had the mobile style of something appear on the desktop style?

No. And really there is always the reason of this kind of issues. Will find out… So what exactly picture you talking about? (I found read-only link).

Well it was the door under products. I just kept it the same size. I’ve made other sites and not had this problem in the past. But for some reason on this project it applied the mobile class name to the desktop view. I even worked from the desktop view down as we currently have to. I’m just confused on why this is happening.

If you add new class (combo or global) to some element when it is in mobile view, it doesn’t mean this class will be only for mobile view. It works only in situation when you have few images different sizes and make one class visible only on desktop and another only on mobile (for example).

I can’t reproduce the issue with image. To me it works fine. would be nice if you could at least make screenshots.

How do you make classes visible on different views? I was only aware of making items visible, I didn’t know you could apply classes and set them to visible or not visible on the different views. When I went to desktop and tried removing the mobile class it also removed the mobile class from the mobile view.

That’s right, because element has the same class through all devices. And by changing class setting on different view you are writing the CSS rule: how it will looks on different devices.

For better understand principals of responsiveness I would recommend to read information about mediaquery. You can start at least from this general information:

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Thank you. I bet I was changing the image size. I will take another go at it. Thank you for the support as always @sabanna!

You are welcome :wink:
Here is screen cast about difference in hiding classes and elements

Thank you so much… I figured out I was editing the image not the class. Problem solved, thank you again ANNA!


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