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"Glitch" on paragraphs

I’m been experiencing problems with the paragraph text on my website. I first noticed it on mobile. The text was overlapping in some areas, or missing all together. I resolved this by deleting the problematic paragraphs and inserting new ones. I thought the problem was solved, because on my end everything looked good. Today a colleague told me that she was unable to load the text on her computer and it seemed to be overlapping too. What could be causing this issue? I don’t have any screen grabs to share because like I said, on my end everything seems to be working fine. I’m using a flex layout with paragraphs inside of a column which is within a row inside of a div block. Could this be an issue with the typeface I downloaded?

The paragraph text I am referring to is found on the individual project pages. Here is the url to my

It would be so appreciated if someone could give me feedback on this problem or a screen grab if you see the issue that my colleague described.

Read only link:

Please post your read-only link so we all can take a look.

There is always a little tweaking needed when move down to other devices. You could use “VW” in the font size dropdown under typography settings. Just add number, then type vw - with no spaces - hit return. Now it will scale with your content and page. However, it’s not full-proof, the size may reduce too much sometimes.

If you want to use pixels, it’s easiest to set you class names on the text type (Title, paragraph, etc) the same per page sections - try to keep naming clearly consistent. You then can adjust the size of the ‘PX’ text size after you view other devices. You don’t need to add new elements on each device size, just find it in the navigator. Sometimes flex will push things off-screen.

If you send read-only link, I’ll be glad to take a look.

Here is the read only link -

Hi @kphdesign i have seen the same behavior When switching device. My guess is that the container you are using for your paragraph is set to a certain hight. That hight is to small for your device and the text is not showing

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