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Ghost elements – how to get rid of them?

Here is my site’s read-onlylink: read only link

Probably, I am not dealing with a real software bug, but a „user issue“:
Here is the page in question:
If you choose the tab "SEP“ and click onto the 4th tab dot, you will see 2 „ghost elements“ (=link boxes) next to the text area.
When I try to delete them, the whole text element disappears.
Is there an elegant way to get rid of these elements?


There is no way I can find to get rid of those. I’m assuming what happened is that you had text in there, at some point, that you had linked, and you deleted that text. Some kind of hiccup in the system resulted in those boxes being there.

You could either: just delete that paragraph and re-add it again from scratch. Or, you could give those links a class name and set them to display:none.

It would probably be best to just delete the paragraph and recreate it.

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Hi @mac_heibu

Those are bold text blocks inside your paragraph block. You can just select all the text, copy it, erase it and then paste it. The ghost block will disappear. Here’s a short video:

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Thank you @Cricitem for your answer. I feared this too. …
If nobody else has an enlightening idea, I will replace the whole text elements (this is not the only instance, where this is happening.)

Thank you @donaldsv, for your assistance. I will do, what you have suggested!
Fine community here!


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