Yet Another Rich Text grey text problem

Searching the forum, I see I’m not the only person to be stymied by the grey text in RTEs. I’ve tried my best to follow the various help pages, but I’m still stuck.

I’m using the RTE to carry an article originally written in Google Docs, complete with H3 tags, bullets, etc. All of that I paste into one big block in a field in my CMS. And my CMS only ever contains one thing: articles like this.

On the CMS template page, the text is grey. Even though I’ve changed it everywhere I can find to black, it’s grey. I even tried to edit the Styleguide page to that the text elements there are black. But no, the body stays grey.

Be gentle.

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This is because all paragraphs inside your rich text have opacity set to 60%

@dram , you have been faster :wink:

Indeed I did! Much appreciation, Alex!

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I am having that same problem. So I understand that the problem lies with the .rich-text p but how do I get rid of it?

Hi @Bartek and welcome on forum. In general you need unlink RTE to be able to edit it’s style. As this topic is very well covered on this forum feel free to use search input field with appropriate keywords (eg. RTE style) to find solutions that will give you answers to help you understand how to work with this element before you place a request. You can also visit Webflow University to learn more how to work with this platform.