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Text links disappearing after I re-select them?

When I create a page-specific text link, click away from the text block to “set” it, then select the link again, it disappears as if I had never placed a link there to begin with.

Note that when I put in a direct link to the page, the link works, but I would rather have it be page-specific just in case the link name changes in the future.

Here’s a screen video showing the strange disappearance:

Any idea what’s going on? Thanks!

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Hello @adiggy

If you don’t click on the check the link will be not saved. I think that’s the problem.

Here’s a screen record and it works fine >

Piter :webflow_heart:

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@PiterDimitrov Nice one :slight_smile:

This function of having to click the checkmark is also a great way to prevent links being added accidentally :slight_smile:

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Oh sheesh! :rofl: Well I guess the only bug here ended up being in my inability to click a check mark. Thanks guys.

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