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Getting imgs for pager in cyclejs

Maybe someone can help me with this one.

I’m using a jquery script cycle2. The custom attribute that controls the img pager is in cycle-slideshow

data-cycle-pager-template=a href=’#’>img src=’{{{children.0.src}}} width=150 height=100

which works great if the image is nested right inside of the cycle-slide (dynamic item div). But how do I reference the img in a deeper div. Structure in img below. The effect will allow me to grab the images for the pager but keep a custom postcard border around the dynamic img. What does {{{children.0.src}}} do. It looks like it grabs the img in the child div under cycle-slideshow.

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The site I am testing is

If I put img right withing cycle slide {{{children.0.src}}} works great for grabbing images for the pager. But I like my fancy border and the images resizing within it.

I’d like to understand the property more if someone has any links that might help me learn.

This is the reference for cycle2js

one other thought is to create an ID for the div and grab the img within it. Will that work?