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Getting 404 in preview for basic links

I’m trying to add basic links to my site. It was working fine until recently. Eg. if I have, the link in preview opens up to instead with a 404. This happens only for some pages and happens randomly.

I tried a hard refresh several times and checked the links as well. Read other similar posts but looks like something that needs to be fixed at Webflow. Could someone please help with this soon as I’m trying to push things to production asap.

Welcome to the community @aravindravi!

It’s going to be hard to diagnose the issue here without being able to take a closer look at the project. Can you please include your read-only link so I can take a peek at how you’ve set things up?

Thanks again for your response to my DM, Mike. I had to log a bug within Webflow so they could look into it. Marking this as resolved.

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