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Get rid the info icon in browser?


How do I get rid of the privacy warning that google chrome throws up?..doesn’t look good…kind of the opposite of “https” I’m wanting to throw up there. Would having “https” working and setup properly get rid of this?

Best and thank you in advance,


I did some research, it’s a new feature and you can’t get rid of it apprently. The context is that security and transparency are more and more important, crucial, on the web today. So I guess they had to find a top position for this icon.

Hi Vincent,

Thank you for the reply. However, I’m not convinced by that answer.

Generally speaking, it’s not part of google’s best practices to call anybody out unless they feel there is something someone or some company can and should do. I’ve personally not seen it one all the websites I’ve been too, especially not the https ones.

There is some standard that google is wanting creators/hosters of websites to do to satisfy a safety expectation…just need to figure out what that is relative to webflow.



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