Get Response Subscription Form


I have MailChimp Subscription form on my website ( but as you can see it is not working anymore (I don’t know the reason as I used to have someone doing this type of work here for me and this person doesn’t work here anymore). As my area is marketing I tried to access the website on Webflow to find the form and try to find the mistake but I could not fix it… I couldn’t even find where it is as I have never used Webflow before.
However now I am not using MailChimp anymore… I am using Get Response, and I need to change the subscription form on my website for Get Response subscription form. (they provide my a html and they tell me to copy and paste it on my website).

Can you help me do this please? Or if I am not able to do this myself because it involves html, what is the best way for me to get it sorted please?

Hi there @Bluebell, thanks for the questions. Is the form you are trying to update on the home page? What is the published URL you are accessing the form currently?

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