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Get Interaction Values from CMS Fields! (Wishlist)


Hopefully you guys will upvote this! I feel having the option to select values for animations & interactions from CMS fields would be so helpful!

You can read more on the Wishlist item above but basically one example could be if you had a collection that stored a color value (primary brand color lets say), you could then select that value in any interaction that involves a BG Color.

This would make things even more dynamic which would be very cool. Imagine later you could use it for html elements like text or other things. :wink:

I voted for it.

Not a solution to your request, but you can explore what you can do with CSS Calc. Calc allow you to define values by calculations. Like width: calc(100% - 80px);

Using custom code and CMS variables, you can create designs that are driven by values placed in Collections Items.

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Yeah, that’s pretty cool. I have actually used CMS values for custom code quite a few times. It’s definitely helpful! I just wish we could use it for interactions! That would be so dang cool man! I also think it would be great if there were options in the CMS to add/duplicate html elements like <li>'s and things like that.

I mean if a client needed another list item for a pricing chart let’s say, they wouldn’t have to contact us to simply duplicate something that simple. Imagine if in the settings panel for a certain html element that you have selected there was an option that you could tick like “Allow Duplication” or something like that. And all that would do is reveal a small “Plus Icon” next to a CMS input field to duplicate the field in the editor along with the actual <li>. Tell me that wouldn’t be useful!

I should just make this a new Wish Item. Lol My bad.