Get around Dynamic List per Page Limitation


I am building a product rental page. I am trying to incorporate all of the specs for a product within the product page. The way I have designed it has resulted in me reaching the list limit per page (I was not previously aware of this limit, having never reached it in the past). Because the site will have many different categories, with many different types of products, with many different spec sections, I can’t think of another way to implement the design. Does anyone have any ideas about how to make this work with Webflow?

One consideration I have had was to open the specs on a separate page. I would then have different product rental pages depending on the product category type. It would be a lot of work, for what should be a simple fix with Webflow. But if it works then that is fine. My only problem is I can’t think of a way for a new page to open that would contain the info pertaining to that specific product, without the user having to search for it again.

Here is my site Read-Only:
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I’m not sure I’m 100% following you, but this may help:

I apologize. I may not have been very clear. On the site posted I have reached the maximum number of collections lists per page, on my product page. The lists I have used as of now are:

  1. Links to the Product Categories, which are located on the sidebar.
  2. The Search Bar.
  3. Mobile Sidebar
  4. Mobile Search Bar.
    5)Each breadcrumb Item (I am not sure if each item is considered a separate list based on Webflow’s limit).
  5. The thumbnails to the left of the main image.
  6. The main image.
  7. There is an embed for foxy-cart above the calendar field.
  8. Under the Description tab there is a collection for the Product Description
  9. Under the Spec tab I have a separate collection list for each Spec heading and section. So for this product I so far have:

10a) Imaging - 11) Sub-Heading Content
12) Exposure Control - 13) Sub-Heading Content

I am curious if there is a more efficient way to implement the “Spec” Tab and its content without using so many collection lists. The way I have it set up, is the only way I could think of properly implimenting it. The reason for this is because every product will have different headings, and different specs.
I have each spec heading and content to only be visible if the listed heading is set in the Product CMS as a reference / multireference.
If you go to the product CMS you can see how I set it up. I originally wanted to have all of the product info on each product, however there is a limit to the number of reference fields / Multi-reference fields you can use, as well as total field limits. This limit would have made it impossible to set up product info this way. But now with the collection list limit, it is also impossible (at least I think it is).

So my question is whether or not anyone can think of another way to make the design work.

The important note is that for each product and its specs there are:

a) Spec Section Heading - Spec Section Content as seen for the product displayed.
b) A single product could have up to 10-15 different Spec Headings, with content associated with that heading.
c) Different product categories will have different spec headings and different specs. For instance. Camera’s and Lenses would have different spec headings and different specs.
d) I’d like to make the specs filterable using Jetboosts filter options.

There are a few ways to accomplish this, but for your site type, I’d only recommend one design approach which will reduce your spec section to 2 collection lists.

It requires a few design changes to your CMS referencing approach, and a bit of custom code, but it will make this section work smoothly.

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