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Generate Sitemap

Hi everybody,

I have a quick (and maybe stupid) question. I’ve searched the forum but I couldn’t find the answer.
Will the sitemap be generated automatically in the sitemap section(dashboard) when my website goes live or is there something that I should do in order for it to appear?
I’d love to hear from you all.

Kind regards

Hi @ArjanLeeuwinga, Webflow does not generate a sitemap for you, you can create a sitemap yourself, here is a good resource to get started:

Once you create a sitemap, you simply copy that and paste the content of the xml site map you create, into the sitemap box and save that.

I hope that helps, let us know if you need further information.

Hi @cyberdave,

Thanks for your reply. Are there any good “sitemap generators” because this is a bit too advcanced for me I believe…

that link cyberdave gave has long list of generators you can try

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Allright Guys, I’ll look into it!
Big thanks!

I’ve used this one before and It has helped greatly when trying to better understand a clients site and scope of pages before taking a project on, especially in scoping the page count.

Hope it helps

There are a lot of free and paid site map applications. offers both free and paid versions. I have the paid version.

The application runs directly on the server as a cron task.

Everyday, the application will scan for new files and update the site map for you.