General question about CMS and WebFlow

We just had our site designed, and when I shared the read only link with another WebFlow designer they told me the site had not been created with a CMS - our proposal clearly stated that we would have a CMS. We do have a CMS for our content hub, but the rest of the pages are not collections. My question is - is this standard practice? Upon looking at our few pages, should we get them set up into collections.

Read only link: Webflow - Revolve Staging

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hi Deborah, I’m not clear what “the other Webflow Designer” was referring to. Your site is clearly using the Webflow CMS for your collection items, and all of the collection-like content appears to be organized there.

You’ve nothing to worry about. Also, when the word “CMS” is used more broadly, it doesn’t only refer to the tabular collection content, but to the rest of your pages as well. Since you’re on Webflow’s CMS plan you have an editor account that lets you edit those other static pages on your site as well.

Thank you. I appreciate your response this is very helpful.