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CMS Templates vs other templates?

Hi, 80% of the sites I build with Webflow will also be using Webflow CMS the other will go into Drupal 8.

My question is, when searching for a template as a start for design that I will also use with the Webflow CMS, should I restrict my choices to the ones that are marked “CMS?”

If it’s a matter of prebuilt collections, I’m comfortable creating my own collections in any template.

In short, what is special about “CMS” templates and can I use any template in the marketplace with Webflow CMS?


You can use any template with the Webflow CMS. CMS templates have pre built collections and collection templates.

So you can use any template as a starting point. :slight_smile:

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Thank you! I thought collections and templates was the only reason they are called CMS templates. With my experience building Drupal sites with content types and views, collections are very similar and easy to create. Thanks for the clarification.

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