GDPR & Webflow 2023. Finally compliant?

Im new to Webflow, but I understand that the topic of GDPR has been a gray-area for some time now.
The European Commission introduced the EU-US Data Privacy Framework in July this year, making US an adequate country for data flows from the EU, therefore it should make Webflow sites fully GDPR compliant I guess?

I´ve read pretty much everywhere and it points to Webflow being compliant with GDPR, but I haven’t seen a single person specifically stating that it is. When I ask Webflow support they just tell me that they can’t give legal advice and refer me to their Privacy Policy, which to my experience doesn’t give a clear answer to my question. Maybe I have missed something, thats why I’m reaching out to you all.

So, does anyone know the answer? Is Webflow compliant with GDPR? Can I in good conscience create a website for a client without worrying they will end up in legal trouble and it in turn affecting me.
If so, what are all the necessary precautions/steps I need to take?

Thanks in advance.


Can we get a reply to this?