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Gap after footer section

Hi, I have a gap after my foot section, I want my footer section to align to the bottom of my browser. Please help.

Click in the body - go to position and change bottom margin from default 50 to 0…

Have done that, but still have the issue…

please enable public link and I will check…

Ok, Check in live preview mode. Its just a gap in the editor. Nice site btw!

Thanks very much for your help, I was previewing it from designer using preview mode. I am slowly getting the hang of it. Cheers.

While you are there… can you point me in the right direction to make an image (like the client ones under the hero graphic) into a clickable image that links to another page?

I think I know what you mean. ok, so try to use the same method as you did with those images (image inside link block) then settings and choose page. Hope this helped!

Cool, thanks for your help.

hi all

In preview and design my footer looks fine but on my site the footer is halfway up the page. I want it to appear at the bottom of the page when you scroll down, so it is the last thing on the screen. I’ve tried auto, absolute, and relative but nothing seems to work… looks a mess, and ‘launching’ tomorrow AM uk time :frowning:

public link:


set “new footer section” to absolute with bottom align.

already tried that - just done it again and published so you can see what happens then!

Works perfectly on mac in firefox, safari and Chrome. Is it still not working for you? If not try shift reload in the browser or empty cache.

hi Vlogic. It looks wrong both in design mode and wrong published in chrome on windows. The footer cuts through the middle of the page!

design mode;