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Gallery anybody?


Is there a gallery function for webflow?


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What do you mean by a gallery function? How would you expect it to work and display for your users?

Also, it would help if you could link to an example gallery that you’re trying to emulate.

I would like it to be like this plugin for wordpress:

You press picture, it pop up. very basic.

Thanks. This is definitely on the roadmap.

So there is no gallery function at this moment?

Correct. You would need to add in a custom code embed to get this feature.

It’s not that hard to impelement to webflow project :wink: Simply create the section filling the whole window, and make arrange all components you would like to have. Than it’s just few lines of code away to have it done :slight_smile: jQuery is VERY simple. You should check it out!


alright. do you have a tutorial?

Hey, do you think you can make a tutorial for this? I am looking for an easy way to manage my portfolio gallery in webflow. I would love squarespace like functionality at least outside webflow to drag and drop work as I take on new projects and then upload the finished gallery to webflow. Is this possible?

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