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Image Gallery...?

Hi Guys!

Working for a couple of years now with WIX but i think i found a new Lover!!

I’m building a website and playing with WEBFLOW and it’s truly amazing.
Maybe it’s just me but i can’t find any image galleries!
i have no coding ability what so ever is there a gallery i can add to my portfolio?

Something like that: (go to Portfolio> grid layouts> grid full width)

help anyone?

@Mordi_Levi This mixitup demo you can use as your gallery. There you can add lightbox script function later.

It’s public link is on the page.

Let us know your result.


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Hi thank you @pastiwibawa
I apologize for the ignorance, but what am i supposed to do with it…?
Is there a way to copy it from the public link to my website…?

use that to learn from it. =)

@ Pastiwibawa & PixelGeek

Just throwing throwing this out there. Custom code integration & the use of 3rd party plugins only shown via a public link doesn’t provide anybody with access to the site settings/custom code section of a demo. You may want to attach that & provide a small explanation of what is going on behind the scenes, as that is more than likely where they would get stuck (embedding a link to some hosted js files, coding errors/etc…)

At least it doesn’t open for me, just pops open my own dashboard = no access to demo sites custom code section.

With that said, everybody appreciates the help. Thanks in advance for the time/effort you guys put in on the side.


Hi @Mogeek, you are correct, the read only preview link does not allow you to look at custom code settings. Best thing to do is as you suggested, is to paste the codes used in Custom Code to the forum along with screenshots where you have this code inserted in Site Settings. Cheers !

You guys right. My bad. That mixitup demo in livehelper page is actually made for this post Need help creating a portfolio gallery area with sorting function The original site is

So, @Mordi_Levi. This mixitup example is might not what you looking for but if it is and you need a help how to make it ask anything for more detail explanation I’d be glad to help for sure.

But for now, beside its elements and properties you can see from its public link, I linked mixitup js in Custom Code settings before /body tag as well as a small script to ‘activate’ it. Since I have a trouble to link it from github directly I copied it and put it on my google drive.

 <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
 // On document ready:
// Instantiate MixItUp:

@cyberdave @Mogeek I always forget that the read only preview link does not allow us to look at custom code settings. I wish webflow will allow it in the future.