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Fully Integrated ecommerce for Community Football Club using Foxy Cart

Hi all,

Finally launched this site last week and wanted to share it with you.

It was a unique brief in that the client wanted a fully working fixtures manager and a fully integrated ecommerce experience that could allow for API integration to iZettle as well as support shipping from multiple fulfilment warehouses for drop shipping certain items.

I would normally use Shopify to build ecommerce sites but decided to give Webflow a go for this one as the client needed really specific cms controls for fixtures, news items etc. They also wanted to offer subscription products which, if using Shopify, you pay extra for in way of a plugin…

I took a look around the Webflow forum and started looking at Foxy Cart.

I honestly can’t be happier with the Foxy cart integration. The guys over there were a massive help when I got a bit stuck but it was definitely worth the slightly extra setup work and learning of a new system/way of working. It’s definitely true that anything the client threw at me, Foxy cart could do gracefully.

One thing that I am waiting for from Foxy is a stock control integration with Webflow, which they tell me they’re working on. (Crucial for POS integration/sync).

Anyway, hope you like it. If you have any questions feel free to ask! One issue I’m having is site load time. Any input is appreciated!

Take a look in Webflow here:



I share the same experience as you. guys are amazing! :slight_smile:

HERE is a video of how the site looks on a 27" screen.

  • The menu links get very spred
  • The first images cuts the head of the players, make sure its top orientated
  • Most of the cms items is not the same height, use flexbox to fix this.
  • You are missing a img in the footer
  • If you have no items, you can make a nice statement, than ‘no items found’.
  • Can use more space under each news post.

Other than that the site looks really good :slight_smile:

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Hey Krubens,

That’s incredibly helpful thank you!

I need to get myself a 27" screen i think…



Site looks really nice, are the fixtures results done through webflow CMS?

No problem :slight_smile: Its easy to see who didn’t design on a big screen, and the other way. So I’m looking forward to the 1200 and 1400 breakpoints in webflow :smiley:

Hey @CooperX!
Amazing job! Love seeing what can be accomplished with Webflow and Foxy!


Yup! All through webflow CMS

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