Fully functional websites from Webflow templates

Hello all,

I am very interests in purchasing a template from Webflow marketplace. However, I am not sure if I will have full control over this template and can easily integrate my backend, payment, authentication, … etc or not? Simply I am trying to build an application and I am done with the backend but I don’t have enough experience with the frontend part. Therefore, I was looking into these templates but need to make sure first it will serve my purpose.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Mostafa,

Everything you get, you can see by looking at the designer preview.
A template contains pages, layouts, styling, interactions… no custom code or application mechanisms.

Easily? If you’re planning to design your front end using the template, and then export the HTML and then host it on your own server with your backend system, that’s likely as easy as it gets.

Webflow’s own hosting does not provide back-end integration support, application hosting, etc.