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Fullpage.js Tooltip

Can’t seem to find out how to add this page navigation to my site which has full page.js

This site has it.

Any help on how to get the page navigation in?

Hi @johndvv,

could you share your site’s read only link so we can take a look?



It’s not my site. It was from another forum post in which someone had created this in web flow to test interactions but I have asked for help in that post and had no reply :frowning:

@johndvv can you share the link to your site which you are having issues with?

I’m not having issues in that sense, the full page.js works fine. I just don’t know how they have added the page nav.

Oh I see, apologies :slight_smile:

I actually still need the site link to see how you’ve set up the site and help directly, but otherwise you might want to look at this example: made by @vincent which you can clone here:


Ive made this style of page nav before but it doesn’t work with full page.js. I think it has to be code from the full page.js query :frowning: sorry to be a pain.

Looks like they put some custom coded div with un-ordered list right after plugin script

So if I copy and paste this code it should work? I’m so bad with code, more of a designer so its always a problem for me this side of web building

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