Dropdown menu not resizing as the browser is resized

I have made a custom dropdown menu for my desktop and tablet sizes and it basically works perfectly. However, I noticed that the menu will only open to the same size it was initially opened when you first view the page. So if I open the menu on full screen and then resize my browser to a smaller size, the dropdown menu will be cut off when I try and open it again.

And the opposite is true as well, if I open on a smaller size and then resize the browser to fullsceen, the dropdown menu will now only open to the smaller size when it was first opened.

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Did you find a solution? Having the same problem

@c11 Hello, could you share a read-only link to your project? I had a similar issue with dropdown, and also setting the dropdown to 100% width fixed it for me. But I also had some interactions on top of it, so I’m not sure if you’re encountering the same issue.