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Full page navbar won't center?

I’m trying to create a full screen navbar for tablet and smaller viewports, but the menu links won’t center vertically on the screen.

Currently I’ve put them in a flexbox and centered it, but it won’t work.
Any help is greatly appreciated!

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Hi @Robin_SL

Thanks so much for posting about your issue with the navbar.

I recorded a quick video showing you how you may be able to fix the issue and center the navbar vertically.

What I did was change the layout of the Nav_menu_Wrapper like this:

  1. Remove the margins
  2. Add a height of 100%
  3. Apply flexbox and justify it vertically

Hope this is helpful.

My best,
Anna K

Works perfect!

Thanks a lot! :smiley:

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You’re most welcome @Robin_SL!

Happy designing!